What you need to build a Website?

1. Good Content for your website.

This is basic and most important part of website development. Don’t just jump into creating your website. Take some time determining the best topic. Keep the content clean and to the point. Think about what people love to read on your site. Like if your website is about your business then put all necessary information about it, answer basic question or queries you know, your products or services and more importantly your contact detail. Put all these information in readable font and color.

2. Domain name

Domain name is the address of your website. All users will type it in address bar of their internet browser to view your website. There are two basic steps to getting your site online and registering/reserving a domain name is the first. A domain name makes up the address of your site and can end in .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv and more. Throughout this article you will also see the domain name referred to as the “dot com name”.

3. Select and Buy a Web hosting Plan.

Once you have registered your name, you will select a web host (2nd step). The web host is the guts of any website because this is where you create and publish your pages, build order forms, add functionality and maintain your site.

4. Website Building Software (optional)

Some web hosts provide website building tools so you do not need any additional software. It’s important you find out about this before you sign up with any host. If you don’t use any software, then you will need to learn how to code HTML from starch. All you do is open a text editor (Notepad for example) and then write the HTML that will create your page. It’s pretty easy to learn.

Then you save the file as filename.html and save it to the Internet through your web host.

If you’re not interested in learning HTML, I’d strongly recommend hiring a Programmer to do this work for you. Even we can help you out. Please contact us for any help needed.

There’s a lot of information on this topic and if you’re a beginner, it can be overwhelming. I created this quick guide just to give you an idea of what’s involved with creating a website.